Two crazy dog-loving ladies met one day and bonded over dogs. Seriously.
The next meeting was over lunch to share pictures of their dogs.
Soon, they became fast friends, chatting over wine about….you guessed it….dogs.
They cried together when one beloved pup had to be put down. They laughed together sharing funny dog stories and they dreamed together of a world where no dogs were ever harmed or in pain.
Then one day they created PSST. The best-ever in-home pet care service known to man. No corners would be cut, pets came first–even before owners. No pet would be turned away (as long as it had fur and no thumbs).
And the dream became a reality. Welcome to Pet Sitting Services of Tulsa.

Meet Krista

KriwstaEver since I can remember, I have had a passion for dogs and cats.

I am currently the proud mother of 5 dogs and yes, they all sleep on my bed with me.
I have 20 plus years in dog rescue and have never met a breed or mutt I did not like. I am proud to say I have helped over 1,000 dogs go to their forever home.

I have experience with elderly dogs, disabled dogs and special needs dogs. If a rescue had a problem dog that was not ready for adoption, I would get the call asking me to take the dog in and help rehabilitate it. I have never said no.

I am a retired Los Angeles police detective and know how to make your home look lived in while you are away. Yes, I will feed the fish, water the plants and bring in the mail. Most importantly, I will ensure the litter box is cleaned daily and Fido’s droppings picked up from the backyard daily.

Your vacation should also be a vacation for your dog/cat and I am here to ensure it is.

Meet Jill

I have always had a dog in my life.  I’m not sure the dog always knew HE was in MY life or not…but that’s not the point.  My current dog, Charlie, is my shadow and he lives quite a life of luxury– deservedly so.  We often refer to him as our CEO; Chief Entertainment Officer.

Unlike Krista, I have no experience rescuing, training or otherwise engaging with dogs in any fashion other than just spoiling them.  What I share with Krista is an abiding concern for the safety and well-being of all pets, especially dogs.  (Nothing against cats, I’m just allergic!)

Couple Krista’s background and our shared passion for pets with my big mouth and marketing skills you get a great team.  Creating Pet Sitting Services of Tulsa has been a dream come true–I get to work for myself, with my best friend, seeing to it that all pets under our care get the most loving and safe treatment money can buy.