The heat and your pet(s)

Oklahoma Summer heat is suffocating. And right now, it is beyond that, it is dangerous. For all living creatures, including your pets.

The rule of thumb we’d like you to keep in mind is simple: Would YOU be comfortable in this situation?

*Would you take a barefoot walk?
*Would you go 4-6-8 hours without fresh water?
*Would you stay outside from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm with just the outside shade?

If you answered no to any of these, then your pet can’t do it either.

If you need help keeping your pets cool and safe and hydrated while you’re at work, let us help. Please, do NOT leave your pets at the mercy of this unbearable heat just because you can’t get home to give them relief.

Our hearts would break if you did that, especially since Pet Sitting Services of Tulsa is here to provide an alternative.

*Anecdotal True Tragic Story:

We were called recently to freshen water and food for 2 dogs once every OTHER day during this heat. In the meantime, these fur babies were to fend for themselves in their backyard. We declined the business. The prospective client was mad, and threatened to “tell everyone she knew about PSST practices”. We sincerely encouraged her to do so.

Everyone at Pet Sitting Services of Tulsa prays those pups are okay in this oppressive heat.

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