Boarding VS Sitting

When you need to travel, be it for work or pleasure, choosing your pets care in your absence is a big decision. Vacations have been ruined by unreliable pet care or worrying about your pets creature comforts at a kennel.

Pet Sitting Services was started with the fundamental thought that a pet is most comfortable in their own home. They will already be in distress knowing your leaving. Ever find your pet curled up in your suit case while you’re packing? That’s right….they know you’re leaving and their stress has already begun.

Our philosophy is to make your pet our first priority in your absence. We take everything into consideration; pets age, demeanor, health issues, quirks and favorite games or toys.

We spend a SOLID 30 minutes at each of our visits, and fully engage with your pet(s).

Choosing to board your pet is your decision, and a very personal one. We are not anti-boarding, but we do feel strongly that our approach is the least disruptive for your pets, and for you.

How can we help you the next time you need to leave town?

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